Overview of Jones & Son Funeral Home

At a time of loss, it is easy to become overwhelmed by feelings of grief, fear, anger and confusion. Despite these feelings, you will be required to make many important decisions, within a relatively short period of time. We, at the Jones Funeral Home, understand your needs and are ready to support you with care and compassion.

One of the ways we can help is by offering you resource material designed to assist you in outlining what must be done and in what order to do it. With our tastefully decorated visitation facilities, formal chapel with seating for 200 plus and reception facilities for post funeral gatherings in the "Trafalgar Room", we can fulfill your needs with all types of dignified services, whether you choose cremation or burial.

Many people today choose to pre-arrange their funeral since it relieves family of many difficult decisions during an emotionally vulnerable time. We can offer you arrangement options that you may tailor to suit any individual budget. You may outline special requests that would add meaning to the experience for your family.

We can also arrange pre-financing of funerals to ensure that the price you pay today will cover rising funeral costs in the future. We are a Canadian owned, family operated funeral home and are not owned by a large conglomerate, which allows us to tailor our policies to the needs of the families in this area. To help cope with your loss, our staff can provide resource material dealing with grief and bereavement issues. If you wish, we can also refer you to qualified agencies and organizations that may help.

For further information you can contact us at any time.