Ursula Sommer

Obituary of Ursula Eva Sommer

Ursula, her name meaning “little she-bear.” She was brave, cheeky and bold! She lived up to her name sake in being an independently owned and operated modern day woman that was small but mighty! A strikingly beautiful woman whose simplicity was the ultimate sophistication. We are sad that Ursula, a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend could no longer fight this terrible disease.


Our cherished liberated friend was taken too young. Although she understood and accepted the seriousness of her disease, she often in her fight bargained for just 5 more years.


Christoph and Ursula married in Germany and left to start a new life in Canada when Philipp was just 6 weeks old.


She came from a large family; born the 4th of 7 siblings. They were taught to work hard and taught the value of money; never wasting or expecting an entitlement. She spoke fondly of having a loving and funny father and when chores were done they were always encouraged to have fun. She overcame the challenge of learning a new language and worked hard alongside Christoph as they built their business. Her hands and heart worked for the good of the family. She didn’t dream success – she worked for it. Cleaning and organizing was a practice, not a project. She earned the title “Queen of Clean”. She was a proud home owner. She exuded patience to put out hundreds of tiny theme ornaments for each festive season that revealed her spiritual traditions. Each collection told a story of her heritage, journey and love. I think she was collecting for God. She took pride in gardening and her work of heart planted happiness for her family and residents. Welcoming Niklas added to the pride of this young family. Their toddlers were raised to be part of the Mountainview family of staff and residents.  Like that she-bear she fiercely protected her boys.



She was proud to see them grow up to be hard working, responsible and loving. They may have outgrown her lap but never her heart. She treasured the fun days of trips together and family outings. She wanted more, she had things to do; but sadly she came to terms that the gift of life she was given had to be given back.


She and her family were shattered when she was told of her cancer diagnosis in the spring of 2018. She faced her treatment with fear and courage but desperately needed to believe she would win this fight. Although accepting a trial in the USA was challenging, she embraced each trip with hope. She was not going to surrender. Tears were shared as she faced the inevitable. She mourned the lost future of what would never be. If death could take a bribe, Ursula would have gambled. She appreciated her family and friends that rallied around her for every part of her treatment. Claudia was her loving kick-ass friend, her support, ally, audience, fan and a bond many envied.


It is hard to understand how ordinary death is; it happens all the time, yet is so terrifying. Being young and knowing you will not complete a life circle was painful for her. With heavy hearts we honour the selfless life of Ursula as she travels her final journey. It leaves her family and friends under construction in search of building a life without a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. Although her heart is no longer beating she remains a living love to many. Our mind knows she is in a better place but our heart doesn’t understand. We are grateful that Ursula left behind sweet things in her homes, her mind and her heart that will be treasured. Always remembered, always missed. RIP dear Ursula!


Remembering is easy:

missing is a heartache that never goes away!