Eileen Sykes

Obituary of Eileen Blewett Sykes

Eileen Blewett Sykes nee Wilkinson

May 28 1917 ~ December 28, 2021


It was a Monday on the 28th of May in 1917 when Eileen was born into her earthly body on the

lake Ontario shores in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. Weighing roughly 3 pounds her survival

was in question. Eileen grew up in a young Toronto on Sunnyside Ave next door to her

Grandparents. When Toronto Transportation needed the property a six room brick house was

purchased on Virtue Street for $4000. in 1922. A happy childhood before television was

invented was spent outside playing games, running & skipping her little legs off with the

neighborhood children.


In her early years a time of the milk man and ice box Spring & Summer were always her

favourite seasons. Summer meant woolen bathing suits at the beach, Sunnyside amusement

park, playing at High Park, going to the show to see silent movies before talkies were invented

with friends.


Eileen found joy in the little things in life, she loved to tell jokes and share a laugh with anyone

she met. Finding animal shapes in the clouds or sharing a home cooked meal with friends, the

miracle of spring beginning were some of her favorite things.

Despite her tiny beginnings our heavenly Father had a great plan for Eileen. To meet a worthy

man who would become her husband and raise six wonderful children. She met Ernest Sykes in

1932 at Ma Brooker's Roller Skating & Eatery while roller skating. Ernest & Eileen got to know

each other and dreamed of the future on walks once a week and on the weekends. They went

together for 8 years each putting $2 away a week in a joint account for their lives together and

were wed on July 13, 1940.


Eileen and her husband Ernie through their family business provided baked goods to the

community of Georgetown for over 30 years as owners of Sykes Bakery and Sykes Super

Donuts. In their retirement they served as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter

Day Saints and travelled sharing their faith. Together they served on the Edinburgh Scotland

mission, London England Genealogical mission, Salt Lake City Utah Genealogical mission and

also served at the Toronto Temple.


Known to those who loved her as Mother, Sister, Grandma, Grandma Great, Eileen taught a

love for music and family, to live with integrity and in service & to take notice of and marvel at all

of God's creations.


Throughout her life she touched many hearts with her kind spirit. Eileen will be remembered for

her wit and humor and for her deep faith and service in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Eileen

leaves behind her 6 children and their spouses 27 grandchildren 46 great grandchildren and 4

great great grandchildren, a total of 83 direct descendants all because two people fell in love


In her 105th year she continued to be a ray of sunshine to those around her. There was a

celebration in heaven on Tuesday December 28, 2021 when Eileen Blewett Wilkinson Sykes

with beloved family by her side peacefully returned home to join the countless others who

passed before who had been awaiting her arrival.


Forever in our hearts, until we meet again, Mizpah


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