Doreen Wicks

Obituary of Doreen Florence Wicks

I was very blessed to have a grandma who I could also call my mom. I am forever thankful for the time we had together and the kindness she taught me. My grandma and grandpa raised me as their own and showed me all the love in the world. My grandma and grandpa would have been married 65 years in a few weeks, But they have known each other for over 70 years. He was married to her in 1957. They met May 18th 1952.They truly showed me what real love is. I can only hope that I get to experience the kind of love they had and how long they got to share it with one another. Her love for her husband was once in a life time. They truly complete one another and were role models for what real love is.

Any time I got news good or bad my grandma was the first person I wanted to call. She was always positive and excited for me in every situation. Any person who met her fell in love with her kindness and ability to see the best in everyone. She had so much love to give and lit up any room she entered. Her love for kids was unconditional.

She was so proud of her son and all his accomplishments and how smart he grew up to be. She was happy for the time spent with her daughter and for their shared strong love for animals. She would sit looking out the window for hours looking at the birds and yard critters. She loved to watch the flowers bloom and had one of the best green thumbs I have ever seen.

My grandma never missed one of my baseball games. She drove me to every game as a kid and watched me play. She was always cheering me on in the stands. She really allowed me to have every opportunity and experience growing up. She sewed by hand every Halloween costume I ever wanted from a kangaroo to a rabbit she stitched every costume by hand. If there was ever a tear in your pants it would be fixed before you knew it. The way my grandmas face lit up when she saw a chocolate Mars bar was one of the fondest memories. You could always find her curled up with a good mystery book, doing a puzzle book, or watching British television shows with her husband with a good bag of lays chips.

Words cannot describe what my grandma meant to me. I wish we had gotten more time, but I am forever thankful for the time we shared together. Thank for being the best mom, grandma, teacher, support system, cheerleader and all around best person I have ever known. Saying I love you doesn't even begin to express how I feel but "I love you always" is a good start.

(Written with love by Joy)

I have been well loved by my Mom. My Mom’s love was always there, caring, nurturing and always supportive to me, her son,  for as long as I can remember. My Mom was a “Mom” that put all her love into whatever she did and especially to  family.  For all my life, I know Mom was there, willing to listen, it is something that came naturally, willing to listen, care and guide me on my path in life. Even as I write this note, I  hear her inside my still caring nurturing and always providing love.

My Mom was a lover of animals,  as far as I can remember, she  was interested in birds, she would have her bird feeder, filled with seeds, and watch the birds come. When something different arrived at the feeder, my mom was quick to get her little book on birds and work out what it was and all about it.  The cardinal was always her favorite when one came to the feeder and it reflected on her, even if she wore blouses, it would have a bird on it.  Similarly, she was a lover of cats, in all my life as far back as I can remember, my parents always had a cat or more than one, until late in the years where it was too much to handle.  My mom would even help a stray at times, bring it in and get warm from cold winter days, so her love extended to all things around her.

Mom and I had a routine, as I got older and left the nest, first to work and onward to a life with my loving wife, I found that we did not say “I love you”. I thought about this. It is easy to see why it was not needed, as everything my Mom said or did for me over my life was with love. I would call her up when I got a moment once or twice a week and let her know my little stories, I would start the call with, “it’s me”,  and I got a response of “I know it’s you”. I would tell my story, and Mom would listen intensely, we enjoyed our time together, sometimes it was an amusing story, usually involving our pets or not so happy but all in all that love, caring and nurturing was still there.

So, I say, Mom, I love you, with words that can’t match the phrase,  but I know in my heart, you are there, still giving love and guidance. Always.

(Written with love, by Jack)


To honour Doreen's memory, contributions to a charity that helps animals are greatly appreciated.